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Shower Cat Hair Catcher Snare and Drain Protector - B08P2LD3MK

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  • EASILY TRAP AND REMOVE LOOSE HAIR: As loose hairs fall from your scalp during the shampooing and conditioning process, gather the loose strands into a ball. Swipe your fingers left through the bristles to trap the hair. Swipe right to remove the hair, and then dispose of it in the garbage can.

  • NO MORE HAIR ON THE SHOWER WALL: Clumps of hair draped across the shower wall are unsanitary and often end up in the shower drain after they dry and fall to the floor of the shower or tub. A hair stopper, bathtub stopper, or hair catcher shower drain is too close to the plumbing!

  • ATTACHES TO MANY SURFACES: Our 3M adhesive strip easily attaches to every shower surface, including tile, glass, stone, wood, marble, granite, plastic, and ceramic.

  • KEEP HAIR OUT OF SHOWER DRAIN: Clogging the shower drain is expensive and frustrating. Don't rely on hair drain catchers to trap the loose hair. Prevent hair from ever getting near the drain and causing blockages.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: The Shower Cat is NOT made of single-use plastics. The packaging is biodegradable and compostable. Disposable drain catchers and pop-up strainers harm the environment. This hair catcher does the job and promotes a healthier planet.

  • Shower Cat - Hair Catcher - Drain Protector - Snare - Bathroom Shower Accessory

    If you have long hair, the Shower Cat is the product you knew you needed but couldn’t find. Until now. The Shower Cat traps all the excess hair that wraps around your fingers during the shampooing and conditioning process. It keeps your shower walls clean and your home argument-free! No more creeping out your family, roommates, and guests with hairy walls and a clogged shower drain hair catcher. The Shower Cat is simple to use and easy to clean. Just swipe your fallen hair to the left and let our patent-pending bristles collect your hair. When you’re ready to clean the Shower Cat, remove your hair by swiping your fingers to the right. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and effective hair trap for the shower drain!

    Key Features
    ▪️Prevent Clogged Drains
    ▪️Keep Hair Off Shower Walls
    ▪️Promotes a more Sanitary Shower
    ▪️Simple and Easy to Use.

    The Shower Cat’s bristles make it the easiest and most convenient hair catcher available. Just swipe, clean, repeat. It's that simple! No other shower drain protector or hair strainer works as well as the Shower Cat