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Moroccan Pouf leather Leather Pouf Ottoman Morrocan Pouf Ottoman Moroccan Tabouret Leather Pouf Ottoman Luxury Leather Pouf Rond 18'' Diameter and 16" Height Black - B07N4B1NYN

  • Poufs leather shipped unstufed . These poufs are not only furniture, but also art. They’re made from 100% genuine soft goat leather except the Original leather in moroccan. After buying the skin, we hand paint it and dry it in the blazing sun of Marrakesh, then we cut it and hand stitched it, finally we send it to the outskirt of Marrakesh to be finished with silk embroidery by local Berber women to show off expert craftsmanship. There are five people involved in making each pouf and it takes on

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  • Elegant Living Room & Home Décor – Moroccan pouf ottomans make a decorative furniture piece for living rooms, a home office, bedrooms, and other warm spaces. Intricate, Handmade Craftsmanship – Ottoman pouf chairs are made in Marrakech, Morocco by hand to ensure an authentic, luxury piece that’s stunningly original. Premium Leather – Each handmade pouf chair is made with a durable leather that looks wonderful as a footstool or next to coffee or side tables. Gorgeous Color

  • Moroccan Flair genuine Moroccan poufs are expertly handcrafted in Marrakesh using artisanal techniques passed down from generation to generation. They are made from only the highest quality goat skin hides. Each hide is hand-sorted, and those that pass our extensive tests are hand-dyed in ancestral tanneries. They are then stuffed with a proprietary blend of strong cotton filling to ensure a lifetime of comfort. We are an eco-friendly company and no harmful chemicals are ever used in our proce